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Land Management & Consulting!

We are your resource for land projects and wildlife management. We help do land staging for selling your property to turn-key management services. Consulting is a great first step to understand and put together an in-depth plan for your property to target your goals for hunting and enjoyment. 

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It's time to get more out of your land!

Talk Land With Mike Kangas

  • Do I plant a food plot?

  • Where should the food plot be planted?

  • Do I plant trees?

  • How do I know what trees?

  • Do I make better access?

  • Am I accessing the property without alerting deer?

  • Could I be hunting this land better?

  • What is the biggest limiting resource?

  • Where do I start?

  • What project should be done next?

So many questions around land improvements and so many layers within all those questions. Land Haven Builders is there to help you make impactful decisions so you can reach your land goals and enjoy the land as much as possible with your family. We are here to help you define those goals and come up with a plan to execute those goals.

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Land Staging

We can stage your property for re-sale! It is all about selling the vision and what can-be not what is. Staging your property will help create a quicker sale and help you get the most for your property.

Turn-key Services

Land Haven Builders can help you manage your land when you can't be there so you can go enjoy it to the fullest during vacation, hunting season, and family trips to the land!

Land Consulting

There is endless ideas to make your land better for hunting and enjoying the land with your family. We will help you understand those priorities and help guide you along the way with a detailed management plan!

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